Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flinn's Treasure Tree Nursery
Vegetable garden

Chuck Flinn is the owner and founder of Flinn’s Treasure Tree Nursery.  Flinn has been in the farming business for over four decades, starting out as the Forester and Shipping Manager at Musser’s Nursery for 35 ½ years.  In 1995, after growing around 150 Swiss Stone Pine trees in his backyard, he decided he needed a place where he could transplant the saplings.  In 1999 he bought his farm, located in Tanoma, PA and started farming his own land in 2000. His expertise was obvious during a walk on the farm, as he knew the story behind all the trees there. Take for example the White Doyenne Pear trees he raises.  He purchased these trees from an orchard in Johnstown that had been planted in the 1800s and can be traced back to ancient Rome.  He enjoys growing trees that are unique, like the White Doyenne Pear, because they are special in comparison to a Bartlett Pear which you can find anywhere. 
As well as having a diverse assortment of trees, Flinn grows a wide variety of produce, which he brings to the Farmers’ Market each week.  He grows some specialty crops that seem to do especially well at the market, like mustard greens, ornamental pears, and, new this year, golden raspberries. 
It’s clear that local famers have a passion for farming, and perhaps Flinn articulates it best himself when he says, “Once you’re a grower, it’s hard to stop doing what you love to do.” 
Check out more at treasuretreenursery.net 

Early sugar snap pea
Apple blossoms

Produce grown:
Mustard Greens--Collards--Arugula
Sugar Snap Peas--Green Beans

New asparagus bed